Former Google Employees to Make Search Engine Adult (18+)

A former employee of Google and porn film producer, Colin Rowntree recently created a search engine adults (18+). The search engine named promised Colin will not direct users to pornographic websites bervirus and pirated. Instead, BoodiGo going to blacklist websites video sharing pirated and illegal, then only displays a row of adult websites is legal and free of virus. BoodiGo will not track the movement of the user of his, does not use cookies, nor technology user-tracking for collecting data. The creators of the famous eccentric is also stated that the primary mission is to help people to find adult content with easy, effective, efficient and enjoyable.

Straight to the Point

In addition, through BoodiGo you will not see the search results to links that are not desired, a fake website, the website loaded with dangerous, and the website is too much loaded with advertisements or Pop-Up disturbing.BoodiGo understand that looking for content-charged adult as long as it requires precision more, therefore they provide a means of safe and anonymous, and "straight to the point". Straight to the point? For example, if you want to find the word hot through Google, then you will be given a variety of recommendations ranging from the band, videos Youtube, ranking the song Pop, and others. But if you're looking through BoodiGo, then the search will be filtered into something more specific. (Screenshot BoodiGo above has been modified in such a way in order to maintain civility language. You can try to search directly on the website to see the original search results.)

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