Here's What About Facebook Account If You Died!

As a user of social media such as Facebook, of course we are concerned if someday die, what will happen to our Facebook? But do not worry, Facebook has prepared an interesting features, namely features Contacts Heir.
So, when a person dies, his Facebook account can still be accessed by the heirs, which can be used to jot down memories, answering friend requests, and update your profile picture or cover photo.

What is a Contact Heir?

Is a contact or a Facebook account that has been delegated by the principal in the account owner to be the heir of her Facebook account if the primary account owner is gone.
Contact Heir Can not:
  • Accessing enter your account
  • Delete photos and your submission
  • Read the message in your Inbox
  • Deleting your friends

How to Enable Contact Heir?

  1. Login to your Facebook account
  2. If so, go to Settings> Security.
  3. Then enter the name of one of the family, friends or relatives who are close to you know.
  4. It will appear a popup that states that you are ready to give the inheritance rights of the person concerned, namely family, friends, or relatives.

What Facebook Can I Removed Only If I Die?

You can. You can choose not to use contact inheritance, but rather choose to delete your Facebook account if you later have gone.

How Facebook Know If I Die?

Facebook can not figure it out, but others can. With high expectations on people who care about you can report your departure on this page, just by giving the name of the deceased, date of death, and proof of death (death certificate, photos, etc.).

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