Get .EDU Do-follow Backlinks For Free (TRICK)

.EDU Backlinks today is still the target for bloggers to boost the ranking of your site / blog them, but sometimes we find it difficult how to get free and quality backlink Communities, here I will try to give tips on SEO seek DoFollow backlinks for free.

.EDU Is a special domain owned by educational institutions such as universities, schools and other educational sites, generally .EDU usually used by foreign universities but that in Indonesia generally use domain, In general, sites that use .EDU domains haveGoogle pagerank nice high and very quickly indexed by the search engines then it would not hurt us to plant .EDU backlinks on the website so that our blog is also sprayed high PR and indexed quickly

.EDU Backlinks Free How to Find a Qualified Google Search

To search for .EDU backlinks it turns out is not as easy as we think but with a little trick using Google's search engine we would be very easy to get thousands of .EDU blog or forum that allows us to leave a comment or create a free profile.

Backlinks from .EDU Blogs

Please go to Google search and type in a query like the following.
  • site: .edu inurl: blog "post a comment"
  • site: .edu "Powered by BlogEngine.NET" site: .edu inurl: blog "post a comment"
  • site: .edu "Powered by ExpressionEngine" site: .edu inurl: blog "post a comment"
  • site: .edu inurl: blog "post a comment" - "comments closed" - "you must be logged in"

Backlinks from .EDU Forum Profile

Please type in and search query as below.
  • site: .edu "Powered by vBulletin" inurl: "register"
  • site: .edu "Powered by phpBB" inurl: "register"
  • site: .edu "Powered by PunBB" inurl: "register"
  • site: .edu "Powered by SMF" inurl: "register"
  • site: .edu "Powered by IPB" inurl: "register"
  • site: .edu inurl: CreateUser.aspx
  • site: .edu inurl: register.aspx
  • site: .edu inurl: "wp-signup.php"
  • site: .edu "powered by ExpressionEngine"
  • site: .edu "powered by vBulletin" inurl: "register.php"
  • "leave a comment" site: .edu
  • "reply to post" site: .edu
Targeted keyword .EDU backlinks
To find backlinks with the desired keyword please replace words in bold print with your keyword
site: .edu inurl: blog "post a comment -" you must be logged in "-" comments closed ""your keyword "
It's good for more optimal use NoDoFollow Firefox Add-ons so it would appear the blog that provides DoFollow links OR nofollow

.EDU Backlinks Happy hunting and good luck!

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