4 Reasons You Should Not Buy Power Bank Again


Along with the smartphone trend is fueled, power banks are increasingly needed by many smartphone users. The reason is simple aja, power bank can be a lifesaver that enables you to recharge the batteries of smartphones in an emergency.
But you know, actually now you already do not need more power bank loh! 99texhexpert will describe the reason why you do not need to buy power bank.

Reasons Not Need to Buy Power Bank

For those who frequent traveling , power bank can be a savior at the same obstacle. How not, because of the power bank can only load a traveler to be increased and hamper travel. Anyway now it ...

1. Already Many plugs in place Hanging

When the streets with my friends or traveling alone, without any power bank you do not have to worry about running out of batteries. Already many cafes or shop that provides free plugs for smartphones makes it easy ngecas. In big cities, almost every table Starbucks Coffee No plug.

But yes remember, you must be careful not the origin plugs  in public areas . If you want ngecas in public places, use a special cable charger (not the data cable), in order to avoid hackers who use methods Juice Jacking .

In the past, Android smartphone known to be very wasteful batteries. But now Google has been running a lot of programs that he developed the Android operating system more efficient in battery consumption. Evidently, since the program is run Volta, Google managed to bring the features in Android Marshmallow Doze .

3. The Great Smartphone Battery

Doing complicated-complicated to carry power cables to the bank and everywhere if you can buy the smartphone is equipped with large batteries? Now many inexpensive smartphones are equipped with large battery capacity, as Oukitel K10000 , Asus Zenfone 3 Max , Lenovo Vibe P1 , Xiaomi redmi 3 or Xiaomi redmi Note 3 , and many more.

Some smartphones over even equipped with features Reverse Charging that allows changing the smartphone so power bank. Like the Asus Zenfone Zenfone 3 Max and Max. So do not need to bring power bank even has 2 smartphone.

4. Friendly with Airplane Mode

Unlike the featured phone , a smartphone equipped with features airplane mode . This mode allows you to turn off all communication lines smartphone, but can still be used for the purposes of entertainment or take a photo. So, you're guaranteed the battery will last longer using that despite traveling all day.

How, already clear if now you do not need more power bank, right? But if you're active and need power bank, look for power bank is equipped with large capacity but light and thin design that does not interfere with your activities.

Gaddam Charan

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