How to Make Grid Photos in Instagram Present (Cut-Cut)

Instagram is a photo sharing application and the most popular videos in the world. If in social media such as Facebook and more, people are free to share a variety of content.
Instagram users tend to be more cautious and always wanted mem- post their best photos. Well there are many ways to create interesting posts in order to improve the Instagram followers quickly.
One is with contemporary techniques Instagram Grid , by breaking photo into multiple parts so that it becomes a great photo. Here's how to make a photo Instagram Grid-like pieces.

How to Make a Grid photos Instagram Recency

Download Application Grids for Instagram Instagrid

There are a number of apps in the Google Play Store that is able to perform the task of splitting the picture into several pieces. One of the best and get high rankings is Instagrid Grids for Instagram .

  • Download and install the application Instagrids Grid for Instagram in your Android smartphone. Meanwhile, for iOS users can use the application PicSlit or Instagrids.
  • After a successful installation, run the application Instagrids Grid for Instagram.

  • Click the logo Great Gallery in the middle, the application will ask for permission to access your gallery and click ' Allow ' to continue.

  • way-make-grid-instagram-2
  • Then select the best photos you who want you cut into pieces.
  • There are a few choice cuts that you can choose, ranging from 3 × 1 (3 photos), 3 × 2 (6 photos), 3 × 3 (pictured), 3 × 4 (12 photos), 3 × 5 (15 photos) 2 × 1 (2 photos), 2 × 2 (4 photos), and 2 × 3 (6 photos).way-make-grid-instagram-3
  • Please choose, after you adjust the shape of the part which photo will be cut and press ' Done ' to complete.

The final word

In the tutorial how Grid Instagram photo Jeff chooses the type of pieces of 3x2, which means photos cut into 6 sections. You can directly meng- upload photos directly to Instagram or save them first to your phone storage.
If you immediately want to do the upload , you should note that order. Then you have to upload one at a part image in a sequence so that it becomes a great photo that really stand out.
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