Which RAM is Better for Gaming, RAM Bigger or Faster?

A computer system that is complete , one of which is certainly required no such thing as RAM. If no RAM, yes certainly can not turn on or work properly. Let alone computer systems, smartphones only existing RAM.
RAM on a computer system for general , ordinary little attention. Originally enough, then it is. But for gaming, in order to maximum performance you need to pay attention RAM. But the larger RAM or faster? Let's see!

For Gaming, RAM Bigger Or Faster?

So that you can get the best FPS of your favorite games. One part of the computer other than the CPU and GPU that you have to consider is RAM. Without linger longer, he discussion of Jaka.

Happens When RAM Less Or Greater

In general, if your computer performance is slow , usually a layman will ask you to add RAM. However, if the added RAM means the performance in the game will rise? The answer is not always.
If his game in need of said RAM to 8GB. While RAM you just 4GB, then that will happen is a stutter and a severe decrease in performance. But if you fit RAM 8GB or 64GB once did, the performance would be the same either 8GB or 64GB.
From the information above, it can be concluded that all you need is a RAM with a capacity sufficient. Large RAM capacity or redundant, will not at all help improve performance in the game.

Happens When RAM Less Or More Quickly

Specifications need to be considered in choosing a gaming RAM is quite diverse. Not only is there DDR3 or DDR4, but there are also Memory Speed, Memory Timing, Heatsink up to the light. For now let's focus on the Speed ​​Memory and Timing first.
Through the existing table above you can see that with a sufficient amount of RAM and RAM speeds rise. The result is the expected increase in gaming performance even up to 20% range.
Based on these data. So if you already have a RAM capacity of the average for the current game, is 8GB. Then you want your game performance goes up, then increase the speed of RAM, not capacity.


Here are the points to select the optimal RAM in playing games based on the explanation just now.
  • For optimal game play need enough RAM capacity.
  • Play games with oversized RAM capacity will not improve the performance of the game.
  • Play games with faster RAM will increase the performance of the game.
  • If you want the performance of the game up, then increase the speed of RAM, not capacity.

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